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Hi Nathan, I am thinking it may perhaps be the Iphone six calls for a various connector. I was making use of a a great deal older variation of the Apple iphone for this publish, and I know Apple has up to date the connectors over time. If I were performing this nowadays, I might use one particular of these: http://www.

iphoneness. com/apple iphone-applications/ideal-voice-recorder-apple iphone-apps/has any person occur up with a wiring established up to use with the Apple iphone six and the H4n? With the voice recorder apps do any of them history cellphone phone calls?Dan McComb Write-up writer April 22, 2015 at 7:36 pm.

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I’m not certain if I have skipped one thing, but the resolution is pretty uncomplicated. The headphone/mic jack that will come out of a cellular phone is a four way plug, not a stereo 3 way. Consequently the wiring is – from the tip – two stereo channels l/r then (relying on the make) floor/mic or mic ground. When you plug a three way (left, appropriate, ground) into a phone it shorts the mic out.

Record sociable calls

I’ve set my Zoom up this specific way, but my cellphone recording is in stereo when my XLR Mic recording is not. Any concept how I can fix this?Dan McComb Write-up author Could 26, 2015 at one:fourteen am. Hi Matthew, I ordinarily take care of this in post by changing the clip to mono from stereo.

Great post! To start with off thank you, next, i have a several inquiries I am hoping you can respond to. I’m an auditory learner. I’m awful at having notes. so i want to history the enterprise meetings and cellular phone meetings i have for work to assistance retain job straight (not to be concerned, i comprehend the legal have to have for audio recording consent in my point out)I will need to hook up to my mobile telephone so to make clear your setup: *3.

5mm splitter from cell phone *connect head cell phone with inline mic to splitter “Y” one *connect next splitter “Y” to H4N *connect third mic to H4n if i want to listen to my voice on the recording?If I JUST want to document their voice not my have, do i want the third mic?Dan McComb Article creator April thirteen, 2017 at 4:forty eight pm.

Hi Thomas, You received it – you can skip the third mic if you only want to history their voice. This is fantastic and I am very guaranteed it will get the job done for my requirements. I am looking to record a 2 way dialogue for a podcast through Apple iphone 7 1. XLR Mic into the XLR of the Zoom H4nPro (set to 4 Channel, pre-amps on) 2.

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Iphone from the silly connector, into the dongle, into a double male mini cable into the rear mic input of the Zoom 3. Headphones into the headphone jack of the Zoom. The caller’s voice is fed out of the mobile phone and into a stereo channel on the Zoom. My voice is fed from the microphone into a mono channel on the Zoom. Levels established appropriately.

I am in a position to listen to each parties by using my headphones as they are coming out of the Zoom (remaining products). The caller can hear each via their mobile phone. After recording, I change the stereo monitor to mono. Regulate the ranges, compression, increase any article production things.

And then mix down to a solitary mono track and export it. Am I considering along the appropriate traces?Dan McComb Submit author April 22, 2017 at four:53 pm. Hi John, yes, you’ve got received the plan!John Frenaye, did you examination this configuration and did you get a superior quality recording of an interview by means of your Iphone / H4n? Did you have any strategies to include? I am hunting to history cell phone interviews on my H4N Professional (2016) and my Apple iphone eight . I am not new to journalism, but I’m a considerably new to challenging a/v gear and in unique, recording. Thanks for any assist or guidelines you and Dan can go alongside about this. Thanks! Lon.

Excellent write-up. Would a two-channel Tascam recorder be equal to the job? They appear to operate about $one hundred considerably less than the Zoon.

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